Coopers Nursery

By ameliaw, February 12, 2012

I was approached by my GP to assist his wife in setting up a website for the nursery she had started in Dubai. I was happy to help with this project as I got to mix my love of children and design. The site displayed bright pink and blue, which was their branding colours. I used lots of images of the children playing the nursery and in the playground giving parents a good view of the facilities available and conveying the happiness of the children there.

I also advised that they adopt Mailchimp for their weekly roundup mail to parents and created a template to assist in the ease of creating the mailers. Due to the security around the children, parents were added to the form manually by staff.


I also created an ad that was placed in The National newspaper conveying the fun and bright colours of the nursery to help set it apart from a large number of nurseries in the area.