ARRB Website

By ameliaw, August 3, 2017

With a new CEO brought in lots of new changes and the website was first on the hit list. Although a skin redesign had been in the last year, the site was in desperate need of a proper rebuild.

With the introduction of the entire company going onto a new CRM and that all systems had to integrate with the CRM, I saw my chance for us to update the website in more than just looks, but in functionality too and to truly make use of its inbound marketing capabilities.

After some research, I decided that HubSpot was the best fit for us and that not only could it be our Marketing CRM which would feed the company CRM, but we could build the full site via the HubSpot COS.

Together with our team leader, I set about helping to put together the business case to get this project off the ground. We finally received budgeting approval due to the fact that we would be using HubSpot for all our EDM’s and also the ROI would be significant.

I have also done research to update the Events Management system we use so that it would better suit the new functionality of the site and CRM as well as a better way for us to sell the webinars online. is a strong contender.

I am very happy with the results of the HubSpot website, and with the onboarding sessions attended and new skills learned, the inbound potential from our site is massive!