Microsoft Templates

By ameliaw, September 11, 2015

Ever since my days in London, where I worked as part of DTP pools for large financial institutes, formatting all Word, Powerpoint and Excel documents to suit the relevant brand, I have created Microsoft templates for companies. We all know that the daily work for any company happens in Microsoft and that branding needs to stay consistent.

Besides the templates and work I have formatted in my day jobs, I was also approached to assist RSM with their Microsoft Word templates during their recent rebranding. The branding was already formulated, but the company required Word templates, specific to their various departments. I worked with the client and the PA pool to ensure that all the necessary elements were present. A complete set of templates, for proposals and CV’s, was handed over at the end and the client was very happy with their functionality.

*Due to content restrictions, only the covers and sample CV can be shown.